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LG Outs F-Q232LASS Eco-friendly Residential Hybrid Air Conditioner

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The latest air conditioner from LG has been equipped with a solar panel where it can power up the air purification process without relying to much on home electricity. Codename as LG F-Q232LASS, the air-con is consider as a hybrid solution, where the solar panel equipped on the outdoor unit can generate about 70 Watts of power (per hour). It’s obviously can save electricity bills, however you cannot expect much saved form it.

It looks like a nice idea, however if the outdoor is installed in the alley with less sunlight, the solar panel could be just a decoration only.


However, Beside it can save power, LG F-Q232LAS Hybrid Air conditioner is also eco-friendly as it emit less CO2 where it can reduce about 200+ kg of CO2 in 10 years of usage. Sounds great, but it’s not available yet. According to the press release, this LG F-Q232LASS hybrid air conditioner will be released on July. No pricing details yet.

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