iPhone 4 Gets 512MB RAM Is Multitasking Ready

iphone-4-512mb-ram-multiasking-readySince it’s the latest version, it’s obvious Apple will stuffed it with a larger and better specs. In comparison with the previous model iPhone 3GS and iPad tablet, iPhone 4 will get a 512MB RAM built-in which is double 256MB on iPhone 3GS or about quadruples 128MB of iPhone 3G.

This is amazing because you can run more apps, display better images faster and processing stuffs faster than before. Multitasking is a dream in the iPhone 3G model, however, Apple has made this comeback on their new 4th version. It would be interesting to see how many applications it can run at once and let’s hope someone would do the benchmarking soon.

[via NewLaunches]

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