LG BX580 Network 3D Blu-ray Player – As Cheap as PS3

LG-BX580-Network-3D-Blu-Ray-Disc-PlayerPS3 is considered as the cheapest blu-ray player and with the latest 3D firmware update, it has become the first cheap 3D capable blu-ray player. However, LG want to eat some of Sony’s cake in Blu-ray market. They’ve just shipped their latest LG BX580 Network blu-ray player that also supporting 3D capability with a cheap pricing. The player was expected to be standing at $400 at least.

However, Amazon has slashed it down $100 less standing at the price tag of $299.86 (after discount) at Amazon. It’s amazing, but there is still some big gaps between PS3 and LG BX580 since PS3 can both play games and playback blu-ray movies.

If you are interested, you can go to Amazon for more details.

[via 3D-Display-info.com]

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