Potatoes As The Future Bio-Batteries


I’m a huge fans of potatoes myself, but I never realize it could be used as a power source in the future. Over at Yissum Research Development Company Ltd. has come up with a new trick to pull energy out of the tasty potatoes. It sounds impossible, but they have really achieved such a goal, where the potatoes can lit up a small bulb showed in the picture.

I have seen power drawn from Citrus, Apple or even water. But a Potato battery could be an interesting. According to the company, the bio-battery is a “solid organic electric battery based upon treated potatoes”. It has to do with some chemical reaction between the enhanced salt bridge of the treated potato tubers and the plate clipping the potatoes batteries.

With this technology, the researchers believes that they’ve found a cost-effective and easy-to-find material to light up the area where electricity is not easily available. However, I have no idea if the potatoes will remain ‘snackable’ after juicing out the enhanced salt.

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