Price Drop on Amazon Kindle In Response To Nook’s New Pricing


Thanks to the strive competition, we can now enjoy a lower price for both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. On Monday, Nook’s pricing has been dropped to $199 from $259 ($60 dropped) that looks quite a great deal for bookworms. However, Amazon has also dropped their Kindle to $189 from $259 ($70 dropped) in response to Nook’s challenge. This one too is a great deal. However, in terms of technologies and features, Nook’s beat Kindle hands down.

They both share same technology as an e-ink ebook reader, however, nook has a built-in cellular wireless connection (AT&T is the carrier), a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which gives you free access the AT&T-powered hotspots in Barnes & Noble retail stores, colorful touchscreen that could turn into a software keyboard and for those who dislike the AT&T version can now pre-order the Wi-Fi only version of Nook that sells even more cheaper at $149 only.

Will Amazon Kindle’s market get bitten by this newcomer? Highly possible… unless Amazon to roll out a new better Kindle 3 or Kindle ‘what’, sooner or later Nook will take the lead in their market.

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