CVRU-E97 i-Mo Resonance Speaker with Built In FM Radio And MP3 Player


I-Mo vibro vibration speaker is getting more variant built by Chinavasion. In the past month, you have probably seen the iPod dock version or the original shape of i-Mu vibro speaker. This CVRU-E97 is actually the same speaker with more features that you can enjoy.


Chinavasion called it ‘i-Mo’ instead of the origin “i-Mu”. Well, name doesn’t matter, it’s the functionality that matter the most. CVRU-E97 i-Mo Resonance speaker is not only a cute looking twisted cow head speaker, it’s also an MP3 player, 3.5mm audio-in jack and FM radio tuner. You can listen to your favorite radio channel and playback songs that are stored in the 2GB internal memory using the built-in player, as well as making the device as an external speaker for all compatible MP3 player with 3.5mm jack.


Similar to all previous models, it require a hard surface to get the best audio output. Chinavasion CVRU-E97 i-Mo vibration speaker will cost you $45.12 each, while you can save another 2 dollars if you are willing to get 5 or more.

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