More Dyson Air Multiplier Fans Pops Out With More Power

Dyson, the man behind the hollow face fans has introduced two more Dyson Air Multiplier fans where one of them stand 1.4m tall and the other one looks just like a hollow capsule holder that could amplify winds as much as 16 times!


Starting from the small one that stand 100cm tall (codename AM02), it can suck up to 33L of air each single second and amplify it 16 times stronger blowing to the front. The tall one (codename AM03) is crazier. Although it sucks in the similar 33L of air each second, it can spews about 18 times stronger winds to the target.

Dyson also pretty thoughtful because it’s not only strengthening the fans output power, he also redesigned the spring mechanism and pedastal technology to let you change its height and angle.

Both AM02 and AM03 will cost you $450, however, there is no release date revealed yet. It’s pretty expensive consider you an actually get a portable A/C with that price mark.

[via Gizmodo]

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