Xbox 360 Slim Edition Red-Eye-Of-Death (REOD) – Dead Already?

A forum member at NeoGaf has posted the death of his new Xbox 360 slim edition. So the Slim edition is getting the same old problem as before?


Although now Xbox 360 has no RROD or Red Ring of Death (that has been the very worst problem years ago) thanks to the new ring that won’t shine in red when problem got you, a new substitution is called the REOD or the Red-Eye-Of-Death!

Look at the picture above. You will see a glowing power button in red indicate a problem has occurred. Yes, the forum member has found a heating problem because the lack of air circulation on the place he put the console.


However, this problem is not a critical one. Mainly it’s because the Xbox 360’s ventilation is covered, and once this new console detect unusual heat, it can shut down itself to cool down the temperature without going all out to grilling itself like the older versions. It’s useful, but this indicate that Xbox 360 slim edition is still unable to escape heat problem even it has been using 40nm fabrication of CGPU.

[NeoGaf via Engadget]

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