Microsoft Is Generous: Manufacture Kinect at $150 and Retail it at $149.99

I can certainly said that Microsoft is pretty generous to their pre-kinect-customer because of the information that we have obtained recently. It’s reported that Microsoft selling Kinect at $149.99 is actually a huge loss for them. In hardware point of view, Microsoft Kinect cost $150 to manufacture. So, Microsoft is losing 1 cent on each kinect and it might just cost them a lot more when combining the software installed in the Kinect.


In short, Microsoft generate no money at all selling Kinect when it release in November 4th. It’s kind of amazing, but Microsoft will do it anyway… So, should we call Microsoft the ‘Generous company’? :)

Well, Sony did the same thing either in the past with their PS3 console (before the slim version). It’s said that Sony’s losing a handful of dollars on each PS3 sold to gamer and they are still producing their console eagerly. I’m not sure what kind of marketing plan they are using, however, Microsoft is certainly stepping on the tough and rough road to market their new toy.

[via CrunchGear]

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