Nintendo 3DS Graphic Chip Details

When Nintendo 3DS first revealed in E3 expo, there was no detail yet on what kind of CPU or type of graphic chipset installed inside. Luckily, via Gadgetsteria we have come to know about the GPU chip inside this new 3D-enabled gaming handheld.


Nintendo 3DS is using DMP PICA200 graphic chip, clocked at 200Mhz, support 15.3 million polygons per second and up to 800 million pixles plus a full screen anti-aliasing (no idea how many times of AA).

for 3.5-inch screen, the graphic chipset should be able to deliver an impressive display and 3D effects. However, we still have to know the CPU detail (which is not revealed yet) before judging future. More news coming soon.

[Gadgetsteria via GG]

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