Belkin AV360 Converter Turns Your 27-inch iMac Monitor Into A Gaming Zone

belkin-av360-converter-turn-imac-into-gaming-monitorIf you are a gamer that can’t live without your iMac in front of your face all of the day, I’m sure you’ll gonna love this new adapter from Belkin. Belkin AV360 converter will let you convert the 27-inch iMac Monitor into a virtual display for your Xbox 360 or PS3 console. That is very useful for gamers who live in the dorms, or room with limited place to put a TV set.

Belkin AV360 converter will make a use of Mini DisplayPort connector that you can plug PS3 or Xbox 360 to the monitor and delivers a HDMI signals at 720p (not 1080p full HD, sorry).

So, how much it will cost to turn your iMac into a 27-inch gaming monitor? $150. Pretty expensive I can say, especially for those with tight budget. However, you can easily turn your work space into a gaming zone by just spending that much of money.

[via TFTS]

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