SanDisk Releases SD WORM – The Write-Once SD Memory Card

sandisk-1gb-sd-wormSanDisk has just launched their special SD memory card that could be written once called SD WORM. No worry, it’s not using any bio-technology with worms inside the SD card for preserving your data. It’s a new data storage introduced by SanDisk that any data stored inside this SD WORM will be able to preserved for 100 year or longer. It’s very amazing for storing historical data or forensic applications. However, it might not that ‘useful’ for home usage where data is just a secondary matter.

This card can content 1GB of files (any files), can only be written once of its lifetime like what a blank recordable DVD would do. If you’ve transfered a wrong file into the SD WORM, expect to throw it away and get a new one because you will not be able to delete nor move the files anymore.

As what I’ve expected, this SanDisk SD Worm is not available for consumers. Although some approved customers that orders in a large scale could get it with discount, the SD worm is designed specifically for police departments in Japan.

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