New Standard: Seagate Intros 3TB External Hard Drive

It appears we have started to step our foot into the 3TB age. The 1TB version of hard drive is getting common lately, with the 2TB model get the best pushes from merchants around the world because the price has dropped into an affordable level.


Perhaps Seagate wants to lead the market once again, they’ve rolled out a 3TB version of an external hard drive and inserted into their existing product line ‘FreeAgent GoFlex Desk‘ that gives users the flexibility they never had on another branded external hard drive.

Seagate claimed that their new external hard drive is the first 3TB 3.5-inch HDD in the world. The case design is very cool with sleek black coating, bundled up with Meme software for backup automation with encryption capability.

However, Seagate FreeAgen GoFlex Desk 3TB is still standing on USB 2.0 standard. So, you won’t get any extra speed in transferring your data. This 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk will cost your $250 (about 80% higher than the 2TB model) with two year warranty.

“Consumer capacity demands are quickly out-pacing the needs of business as people continue to collect high-definition videos, photos and music,” said Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president of Sales, Marketing and Product Line Management. “Seagate has a tradition of designing products that break into new storage frontiers to meet customer requirements and the 3TB GoFlex Desk external drive is no exception–delivering the highest-capacity storage solution available today.”

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