The Royal Class Keyboard: Optimus Popularis Keyboard

Optimus keyboard is one of the most expensive keyboard I’ve ever seen. The first version developed by Art Lebedev called Optimus Maximus is highly rated but also highly expensive at $2000+. It’s really a keyboard that cost a lot. However, Engadget has gotten the picture of their second version of Optimus series keyboard that cost about $1000 ONLY. Expensive? That’s Optimus Series keyboard! :)


This is the Optimus Popularis, the second version Art Lebedev’s masterpiece. It’s been a lot of rumor and snapshot for this second version but non of them represent this snapshot submitted by the studio itself. Art Lebedev has spent years to crunch out this 2n version, so designer, or optimus-freak-maniac might love this new chiclet version of Optimus Popularis.

Like usual, this high-end keyboard a tiny screen built into every button. However, this Optimus Popularis is lack of Numpad zone, where Art Lebedev has closed the lacking with a FN key located at the lower left corner to reveal the numpad in the keyboard. This 2nd version is also having a strip of display where you can display anything you need such as gmail, stock price, weather report or free RAM! :)

[via Engadget]
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