Pixel Qi Dual-Mode Is Now Available And Ready To Replace Your Netbook Display

Pixel Qi Dual-Mode Is Now Available

Pixel Qi is a great display solution that offering an exceptional bright display even under the sun light. There is solid proof about how the Pixel Qi win over the iPad display at Gizmodo, for a quick glance you can hit the play button on the following Youtube movie:

Even the guy inside the video said: “iPad should use Pixel Qi!” :)

Well, it’s really a hands down winner and I’m doubt any netbook display can be a match for this Pixel Qi. This screen is pretty like a DIY display where you can screw down to a compatible netbook (for now, it’s only Samsung N130 and Lenovo S10-2 netbooks that has been tested). Pixel Qi Dual Mode display will cost $275 a pop, however, due to the popularity, the stock has been emptied by the early birds. But you can pre-order it now and the item will be shipped by the middle of next week.

Pixel Qi Dual-Mode Display Is Now Available

Pixel Qi Dual-Mode Displya Is Now Available


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