Sony Dash Goes Global With Limitation

Sony Dash, the Personal Internet Viewer with US-focused technology and features is now available for users outside of USA. However, not all function will work when you are not standing on the Cowboy’s ground.


As a refresh, Sony Dash has a 7-inch touchscreen (800 x 480), can hook up with the Internet to access web video, news, weather, social media network, and it can be installed with more than 1,500 apps. We have done our quick review on Sony Dash where you can have a quick glance over its pros and cons.

Overall, Sony Dash is not a portable gadget that you can bring it anywhere. It a great companion on your bedside where you can do you online activities before sleep. The Sony Dash cost $200 to own one. So, If you are interested, head on over to SonyStyle to get one.

[via TCMagazine]

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