The New Kindle DX – Ebook Reader In Black


Xbox 360 Slim goes black, so is the New Kindle DX. Just announced, Kindle DX black version has been released from Amazon’s lab. Its pricing is set firm on $379, practically lower than the original Kindle DX white version or the first model. The refreshed Kindle DX Black edition is not only cheaper, its 9.7-inch has 50 percent better in contrast, which giving a better reading experience for us. The new model’s shipping date is on July 7th, but you can pre-order it now.


[Press Release via Gizmodo]

Update: Take a look at the article at InventorSpot about Kindle DX vs The Lord Voldemort of Tablet Devices. A fact article showing why the new Kindle DX is lacking some much. [Thanks, Ron!]

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