Kingston USB 3.0 SSD Hit The Store Late In September 2010


Kingston USB 3.0, which is the HyperX-branded SSD that was showcased in the Computex 2010 Expo in Taipei last month is going to hit the store a bit late than what it has been scheduled in the first place. It’s first told that The Kingston USB 3.0 SSD is going to release on August to take the advantage of the back-to-school season, however, the most recent news that we’ve obtained said that the USB 3.0 SSD will be here on September 2010.

Although there is no news about the pricing yet, we know that Kingston USB 3.0 SSD will comes on three different sizes from 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and boasting 195MB/s read speed and 160MB/s write speed.

[via OCWorkBench]

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