$4,000 Iron Man 2 War Machine Costume Is No Joke!

4,000 Dollars Iron Man 2 War Machine Costume Is No Joke!

If you ever impressed by the actors wearing the cool looking steel armor costume in Iron Man 2 movie and want to wear something similar on your body, then you should have ask Colorodan Anthony Le to make you one. The picture above might looks like a CG rendering, however, it’s not true at all. That costume is the $4000 Iron Man 2 War Machine created with high-impact urethane that was cut and riveted altogether.

It even featured a helmet face plate that will automatically open up just like the movie using a servo motors. Especially the helmet part, Anthony Lee sculptured it from clay material and a liquid resin to created the final version.


Anthony Le took over 1 month of time to created this War Machine costume and he even has added a rotating real-life looking rotary gun made from pipes and some spinning motors. Not bad, Le. Not Bad!

[via MAKE]

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  • Holy Crap! This is amazing. I would love something like this done for me. This guy is awesome!

    Judging by the pictures, it looks like a scene from the Movie. lol. Props for this guy. Although the $4,000 is pretty steep though. I wouldn’t spend something like that. lol

    • Yeah, this is one amazing costume ever made for Iron Man. Damn, for $4000 I would go buy a super gaming PC instead! :)
      This is purely a luxurious stuff for the die-hard fans only.

  • Only a month! this guy needs a job, and probably at a movie prop company. He’s got mad skillz with too much time on his hands. Nice work!

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