USB CLIP: The Red Dot Product Designer 2010 Winner

USB CLIP - Paper Clip Plus USB Drive

If you are our loyal subscriber, you might have seen some of the red dot award winning product highlighted here. So, here is another one, the winner of this year’s product design. USB CLIP by Emami Design is the first office stationary that has got the spot light this year. USB CLIP is a mixture between a paper clip with pico sized USB flash drive. It looks very clean and could be turned into both USB/paper clip whenever you need them.

USB CLIP - PaperClip and USB Flash Drive Combo

USB CLIP - Red Dot Product Design Award Winner 2010

Although it looks cool, this geekery stuff is not available immediately as it’s just a “product design” submitted to Red Dot this year. Perhaps you should wait a little longer for some company to pick up this concept and manufacture it before you can actually see it selling in the market.

[via YankoDesign, GadgetSin]

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