Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Outlet – No More Electrocuted

Impressive! With this Wet Circuit waterproof power outlet, no more suicide or the percentage of people getting killed because of electrocuted will be decreased significantly.


This wet circuits will protect user from electric shock when the power strip spilled or even poured with water. Which mean, Wet Circuits waterproof power outlet is very Winter friendly in case you want to hold a party outdoor with the outlet pulling power from your home fully exposed to the snows.

Wet circuits has a creatively designed waterproof protector to minimize the flow of electricity to be in contact with water. The power strip is also working nicely underwater for about 2-hour.

For more protection, Wet Circuits power strip has been equipped with overheating protection via a fuse, Spark prevention up to 4x lifespan than ordinary outlets, and about can resist about 20,000 times of plug and unplug activities.

Surprising, this Wet Circuits waterproof power strip is only $35 a pop. I thought it gonna cost a fortune to own one! :)

[via TechFresh, Winarco, TheCoolGadgets, SlipperyBrick, ZedoMax]

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