HIPITouch Tablet For Kiddos


It seems tablet device is not designed exclusively for adult market only. At least that’s what HIPIKids want to say. Recently, HIPIKids announced a tablet device for children that looks pretty ‘hippie’ for kiddos. Known as the HIPITouch, this tablet carries 10.1-inch of multi-touch display, powered by a custom OS called HIPICUBE Linux-based OS, has built-in 8GB storage, USB and audio ports, WiFi and even supporting 3G module for going online.



According to the source, HIPIKids HIPITouch tablet device will be dropping to the market in September carrying $500 price tag. Oh, it’s expensive, for kids especially. But an ARM-based 7-inch version has been spotted on their list. I think this one should be cheaper but no idea how much is the actual price mark.

[ChinaTech via Shanzai]

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