I-O Data USB2-TJC Dongle With TransferJet Technology


Seems like I-O Data has developed what’s Sony has left off in 2008. The TransferJet Technology which was introduce by Sony in 2008 is getting a well development by I-O Data. They’ve rolled out a dongle called USB2-TJC with TransferJet Technology that allow you to enjoy an impressive 560 Mbps transfer speed between two compatible devices.

I-O Data TransferJet USB2-TJC is compatible on both PC and Mac, but you should have a transferJet-compatible memory stick (MS-J8G for $110) and compatible gadget such as Sony cyber-shot to obtain the maximum transfer speed. Crunchgear gave us a comparison on how fast the TransferJet can be by comparing Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR that speeding at 3Mbps with TransferJet at 560 Mbps (theoretically). Just like a turtle vs hare in the race! (but turtle never win in this case) :)

[via Crunchgear]

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