Water Shade Concept – Protect Food With Water Shield [Yitu Wang]


Check out this interesting gadget design to preserve food freshness and deflecting oxidization of food store inside the shade. Designed by Yitu Wang, Water Shade is a cool looking shade that uses water as the shield/shade. the theory might a bit similar to a water fountain found in the park, the water shade can cover the food store inside the shade from dusts, while keeping oxygen out of the shade to prevent oxidization. It has a built-in detector in the middle stick, where if detected a hand approaching, the water shade will shut off automatically.

Two questions though… will the water spills all over the place when the battery is low or in the opening-closing phase when hand movement detected? Will the device work silently or you can actually hear a water fountain splashing the water in your table top? hmmm…..



[UberGizmo via YankoDesign]

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