Hug LED Light: Gives Hug of Light To Anywhere You Like


Brando has made a wonder tool to help technician, mechanics, engineers or even a simple bookworm who want to read books in a dim / dark room. The tool is called “Hug LED Light”, that will provide a bright light while pretending to hug on you when using.

You can let it hug on your neck, your hand, your bicycle, pole or anywhere that you can think of. It will give you a nice bright vision because Hug light is using LED lamp as the light source. Beside it uses less power, the light is extremely bright.


Flexible LED Light, that can make in different pattern for light in different direction. It can also provide different LEDs for lighting selective either WIDE or SPOT. The Flexible Light Tube can also be hugged in your neck, arm, wrist, … hands-free to use it!

[Brando ($16) via The Cool Gadgets and TechFresh]

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