The Smart Tank


Cute? Macho? Masculine? Oh… This is just an awesome work of a tank fans! This is a fusion between tank and little cute car (is it an electric car?). Nothing to say, it’s just a perfect masterpiece of fans that love Smart tank. However, do this ‘Smart Tank’ smart enough? I can’t see the door to the inner chamber…

[Giz via LikeCool]

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  • Hey guys,

    i am the originator of this “killer-smart”. Ive Photoshopped it in 2008.
    (You can getting into the vehicle trough the roof… 😉 )

    Please take a look on my website for more art.


    • Greeting! Thanks for the heads up. Now I can imagine how I slipped into the car riding the smart tank rolling in the park! Clever indeed! :)

  • Michaelhatley74

    to get in just climb in the sun roof

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