ArkHippo Case – The Crocs Shoes For iPhone 4

ArkHippo will transform your iPhone 4 into a big fat cell phone as if your feet wearing the popular Crocs shoes. ArkHippo case is made of a similar materials with crocs shoes, so I’d say getting ArkHippo case for your iPhone 4 is just like wearing a crocs shoes to your valuable phone.


There is an extra protection for bumps with the, you know, the thick rubber like material that won’t shatter easily. Up to date, there is no detail when ArkHippo case will hit the store and how much it will cost you to own one. However, it has been a big hit in the blogosphere where a lot of bloggers has talked about this ArkHippo case. Scroll down for the video demo and links to the bloggers who love this Crocs shoes for iPhone 4. :)

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