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LaCie Releases XtremKey – The Sturdiest Flash Drive Of The Era

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While IronKey has the toughest security system, LaCie XtremKey has the Sturdiest shell and impressive waterproof capability. LaCie XtremKey USB Flash drive can resist from water pressure and working well at 333 feet deep under the water, can withstand crazy temperature at -58 degree Fahrenheit to as high as 392 degree Fahrenheit.


LaCie XtremKey is also super strong to withstand pressure from 10-ton truck rolls over it because it’s constructed with Zamac material (a metal alloy composed of Zinc, Aluminum, magnesium and copper).

The XtremKey is available in capacities from 8GB to 64GB with starting price for the 8GB version for $49.99. LaCie XtremKey USB Flash Drive will be available on August 2010. [Press Release]

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