Road SMS Apps For Android Phone: Allow You To Text While Walking

There is nothing wrong with texting while walking. But In our region, there is a minor accidents happened on the road because people are texting and sending SMS while riding a motorbike. Yep, this is crazy but that’s the fact. However, if the user can buy an Android phone and install this “Road SMS” Apps, I guess no more accident would occur easily.


Road SMS Apps will let you text to your friend while providing a road view / frontal view so you can see the road clearly while typing on your message. Except you are facing way down to the earth, you can see what’s in front of you without look away from your Android phone.

Currently, Samsung Galaxy Si9000 has come pre-installed with this Road SMS Apps. but I’m sure it will become a handy standard for any cell phones supporting apps and with frontal camera to take a peek.

[YugaTech via TechChee]

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