ARC – The Aerial Rescue Chopper Concept by Leong Huang Zi

Check out this amazing multi-purpose chopper for emergency rescue. It’s a concept design made by Leong Huang Zi from China. ARC, or the Aerial Rescue Chopper featuring a futuristic chopper design, fully equipped with jet system and amazing cockpit for one pilot and one passenger. The design is enough to score some ‘wows’. However the design is still has some sort of difficulty to create with nowadays technology.




“The ARC serves as their multi-purpose chopper for rescue operations. Able to navigate rough terrain, this helicopter is meant for surveillance and scouting in both land and sea divisions. Featuring a unique duo fan propeller and air turbo system…”

Well, let’s hope it can be a real chopper soon so people can be rescued immediately without useless traffic delays.

[Behance via LikeCool]

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