News: iPad 2nd Generation to have OLED Display


We have known that iPad has a great success where Apple has sold more than 3 millions units in the time span of not over 3 months long. So it’s naturally for the company to develop the second version of the iPad tablet. Although it just a type of rumor news, it’s been suggested that the next gen of iPad will come with better display using OLED screen. It’s also suggested that the iPad 2 will have a smaller screens at 5.6-inch and 7-inch. It’s mean that users can choose their own needs, whether to go full size or just take the smaller one for their mobility.

However, OLED screen is certainly not as great at the Pixel Qi display. It’s not myself that admitted the quality, even the guy who compare the screen between iPad and Pixel Qi has stated: “iPad should use Pixel Qi!” :)

[CrunchGear via MobileWhack]

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