Over 12% Worldwide Users Can’t See 3D!

12-percent-worldwide-users-can-see-3dRecently the UK Charity, Eyecare Trust chairman revealed that up to 12% people in the UK (as well as worldwide) is having trouble viewing 3D video content. The reason is because they have some type of binocular vision problem with their eyes. Thus, rendering movie in 3D will not help them the objects popping out from the screen. Instead, they’ll probably having a headaches or excessive eye-strain and blurred vision if they force to watch the movie for a certain duration.

This is a bad news. Bad bad news. 2010 is the year of 3D technology, but 12% can convert into a huge loss to companies who’ve jumped into the 3D-bandwagon. They might have notice this issue and let’s hope they can create a solution for the viewer with visual impairments.

Well, 3D technology is still in its infant stage. It has some serious flaws and 3D experience can be ruined easily with a certain visual impairments.

So this translate to: Don’t buy your 3D TV yet before you test your eye out with the technology. If one of your family does have the visual problem, then we recommended you to stay put with your normal HDTV.

It’s too early to jump on the technology. :)

[Pocketlint via Gaj-it]

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