Two Interesting Antenna Kit For iPhone 4 [Joke!]

With the iPhone 4 signal flaws, many designer has cranked out a funny joke on how you can improve the signal quality using an addons accessory. This include iHand which we have posted last week.


Now, two new design of Antenna Kits has been made. All looks very realistic and if someone can make this kind of page up to the web, it might sell well!

Starting from the top one, The iPhone 4 Antenna Kit introduced by “A nice, stylish Antenna Kit for your iPhone. Just plug it into your Dock connector to give you top notch WiFi and cellular reception wherever you are.”


And the last one, iReceive. “Extend The Power of your iPhone 4 with the option to make calls…”.

[via Geeky Gadgets and SevensHeaven]

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