Yuento Magic Umbrella – Not A Magic, It’s A Science

I’m not a magic believer so when seeing something introduced as magical stuffs, I will assume it as a science in the work or there is a trick behind them. Well, except you can turn a stone into a sell-able gold then I can re-think to chance my mindset. :)


Yuento Magic Umbrella is no exception. Although it’s called as a ‘Magic’ Umbrella, there is a science behind the ‘magic’. Look at the picture below you can understand.


It’s a clever design instead of magic. Yuento Magic Umbrella has small and seamless cover when folded into the case. It looks just like a little stick with a strap where you can hang it easily anywhere. However, once unfolded, you can obtain a piece of full wide umbrella with big handle to shad your head from sunlight and rain falls. Look at the detail process of the unfolding.

The case has a triple functions where it can be use as the case to store the umbrella, the handle when unfolded, and a handy water storage in case the umbrella is wet from rain and to prevent from dripping all over the place. Such a nice umbrella will cost you $45 or ¥3,990 via Rakuten.

[via Ohgizmo]

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