Xbox 360 Slim Arcade For 149 Euro Only [Leak]


Over at, they’ve unintentionally or intentionally leaked the pricing for Xbox 360 Slim Arcade version for 149 Euros. This a great news for budget cruncher who would like to own another Xbox 360. 149 Euros is equal to $189 in the States, which is close to what Microsoft has documented in E3 2010 about their Xbox 360 S to cost $199.


It’s very cheap, even it has beat both Wii and PlayStation 3 in pricing. However, it does come with some disadvantages. You will get a very minimum storage option, 4GB of memory for storing games data and profile without any hard drive installed. And it should have no WiFi-n module installed, too. So all you can get is the very ‘core’ of Xbox 360 Slim. I believe Microsoft will following up by selling a separated hard drive to this Arcade console after it has been launched in this Fall 2010.

[via Kotaku]

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