GoodNight Sleep Trainer For New Parents To Monitor Their Baby

goodnight-sleep-trainer-smallThis is a must-have monitoring tool for new parent, especially those who just have their first baby. It’s sometimes unpredictable when taking care of a baby. If you have no experience at all, things would be messy and frustrating. Sleep problem is one of the most common issue found on baby. They’ll just suddenly, out of nowhere, shout and cry like crazy at the night. This might because of an improper sleep pattern, or it just his/her mood is not that good. If it’s mood problem, you can check it out with Why Cry Baby.

But if it’s the improper sleep pattern, no worry, here is another cool gadget that could help you – The GoodNight Sleep Trainer!


Most parents using this method report significant improvements in only 2-4 days and nearly all report their baby sleeping through the night in less than two weeks. The Goodnight Sleep Trainer includes a manual that teaches the process step-by-step and access to the Goodnight Sleep Trainer website where you can upload the data from your device and track your baby’s progress. Imagine how great it will be two weeks from now when you can wake up rested and refreshed after a full night’s sleep!

GoodNight Sleep Trainer cost $29.99 a pop. You can find more details at Thinkgeek.

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