Sharp To Release 100GB BDXL Discs On July 30th, 2010

sharp-100gb-bdxl-discsNew type of disc has been developed by Sharp Corporation called BDXL. it has been finalized recently as a disc that could store up to 128GB using 4 layers on single disc. However, the first to release is not the 4 layers one. Instead, Sharp is going to soft launching their first BDXL on July 30th that hold 3 layers where it can store about 100GB at max.

This 100GB BDXL disc is codenamed as VR-100BR1, it will cost about $57 to own one. To support this new BDXL Disc format, Sharp is going to introduce their two new blu-ray player that could read the disc. They are BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70 that will be show off together with the BDXL disc. No idea how much the player will cost.

[via TCMagazine]

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