World’s Largest Skateboard [Plus Accident!]


California Skateparks has created the ‘World’s Largest Skateboard’ and it has been recorded into Guinness Book Of World Records. It a great effort to build such a sturdy and monster size skateboard. More than 10 – 12 people can ride on it, while it need a lot of space to play this toy. That’s why the crews brought this God’s Skateboard to the Camp Woodward PA.

The skateboard is actually built by Joe Ciaglia, but I believe it’s impossible to build the giant alone. The skateboard itself measuring in 3 feet 7 and half inches tall, 8 feet 8 inches wide and 36 feet 7 inches long.

Joe tried to ride it alone and do an impossible BMX jump, and yes, it’s impossible indeed because Joe almost killed himself! :)

[via GG]

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