The Fiber Optic Glass Fighting Knife


Made by Mike Cook, this Fighting Knife that cost $165 has a sharp tip/edge made with Fiber optic glass using knapping process. Knapping process is an ancient technique or a throwback method of shaping stones into a knife or other useful tools. It’s has been rarely used on these days. So it’s kind of an old art of making a knife.

“This is what I call my Fighting Knife design. The emerald green fiber optic blade makes this knife a rather striking display piece. I enjoy picking it up, feeling it weld to my hand and watching the blade shimmer and dance in the light. “

It looks very cool, especially the sharp edge that glow in red. Some kind of knife that you would be found as a treasure in the movie or perhaps some adventure games. However, will this stuff be useful or just a decoration? Can it cut something properly? That’s a question that need to be answered before investing $165 bucks to get one! :)

[via LIkeCool, TecheBlog]

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