Verbatim MediaShare NAS – Can Do Tasks Beyond NAS

Verbatim MediaShare NAS

Most of the time, a NAS or Network Attached Storage is just an offline data storage destination for our home network where we can share our file through the computers connected in the network. However, story tells differently using Verbatim’s MediaShare NAS.

Beside it can be used as an offline data storage on the network. You can actually access your files via the internet remotely, and even your cell phone can browse the files store in the system!

Verbatim MediaShare NAS

This puppy is just like a media server with built in social networking capability. You can upload your files to your own server, browse it anywhere you are, playback video stored on the 1TB space within your browser and it can coexist with Facebook and Flickr using its built-in feature that will sync-up the files by uploading any new media files to those sites.

All you have to do is hook up the power cord, ethernet port and setup the login key. If you think the 1TB space is too limited, you can expand it by hooking up an eSATA-enabled HDD (through a case) and you can have unlimited data space.

Verbatim MediaShare NAS

Currently, Verbatim MediaShare NAS selling for $184.99 with Free Super Saver Shipping deal. In case you want one, you can find more details at Amazon’s page (including all the image illustrations).

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