Want To Charge iPad, iPhone, iPod All At Once? iHome iB969 Charging Station Is Your Solution!

ihome-ib969-charging-station-for-ipad-iphone-ipodOwning all three gadgets from Apple is a proud story to tell for every fans. However, what will happen at the ‘backstage’ is probably not so exciting. You’ll need to have a separated charger/dock station to re-vitalizing your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Which means you’ll have to get three outlets ready for this purpose, which sometimes could be tedious when we are a lot more gadgets that needs to be re-juiced other than the Apple brotherhoods. So getting on a good charger that could to all the task at once (I mean charging all iPad, iPhone and iPod at the same time) is always a problem solver that every gadget-maniac would love to own.

If you fall into that category, I suggest you to check out this iHome iB969 which is just launched by iHome to solve your headache.

iHome iB969 Charging Station can charge iPad (with built-in stand), iPhone, iPod and any other mobile phone that could be charged via USB port. It provides two univesal docks where you and charge and sync to iTunes, and a USB port for charging USB Gadgets. It also comes with 12-inch USB to min USB cable, a USB to AC adapter plug, two mini USB to micro USB adapter.

You can see the details here at iHome International.


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