Google Discontinued Nexus One Production


It’s a shame, but that’s what Google has to bear with their Nexus One Smartphone. It appears the phone has lost in its competition, where at the same date range of the release, Apple’s iPhone sales record is about 10 times as better than Nexus One. So Google has decided to discontinued their production and it seems Google will pull themselves out of hardware business for a moment and focus on their Android OS development (that almost surpass Apple iOS) and search engine quality enhancement.

Although it has been discontinued, Google said that for you who still want to own this Nexus One phone can get it on Europe via Vodafone, Korea and some smaller markets outside of the States. Customer support will still be given to the owner of Nexus One even the product is not available anymore. So there is no need to worry that you’ll knocking on an empty room when a service is needed.

[via Coated]

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