USBFever’s Wireless Keyboard with TouchPad

usbfever-wireless-keyboard-with-touchpadUSBFever is introducing us to their new Wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad. It’s just like a keyboard and touchpad design found in many laptops and netbooks, however, the wireless keyboard is typically not for desktop/laptop users.

It’s designed for Tablet PC users that complaining on the difficulty of typing on the virtual keyboard. With this Wireless keyboard + touchpad, it can provide tablet users a better typing environment using a single USB dongle to hook up with the wireless keyboard.

Sadly, we wish there is a bluetooth technology but it doesn’t. This mean you can’t use it on your iPad nor any other tablet device that have no USB port to share.

Specification wise, this wireless keyboard with touchpad is having full keyboard layout with additional hot keys buttons for quick applications launching. For $69, you can own one of it. Certainly not a cheap gadget to get, but it’s not expensive either!


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