HP Slate 500 Tablet: Popped Out In HP Official Site And Then Disappear

We have found out the news about the HP slate 500 tablet surfaced in the HP website, but later we couldn’t find the page anymore. It’s strange, but at least HP is getting ready to launch their HP Slate 500 tablet, the so called iPad Assassin.

HP Slate 500 tablet is powered by Intel Atom Z530 CPU, got 32GB or 64GB storage space and you can expand it any time using USB Flash drive or hard drive. HP Slate 500 Tablet has fully support 1080p video playback and it can stream the video directly via to your HDTV. HP Slate 500 tablet is going to retails for $550, which is way cheaper than iPad with fixed storage space and no flash support.

[via Laptoping]

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