MaxiVista – Turn iPad As Your Windows-based Secondary Display


It’s pretty obvious, MaxiVista apps is a long waited application for iPad users who owned a Windows PC. It does like what Air Display Apps (iPad to Mac Monitor App), it turn iPad into a secondary screen for any Windows running PC wirelessly. You can even drags windows to the screen, playback movies, and I’m sure it can play flash movie on this non-flash-friendly device.

MaxiVista Apps support Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS, starting from XP through Windows 7.

Check the following video demo for more details:


  • Fully automatic configuration. Install & Go!
  • Automatic update of the display orientation by simply turning the iPad.
  • MaxiVista is the first to support Windows Vista/7 including its latest WDDM video driver technology.
  • MaxiVista also works in existing multi monitor configurations.
  • The 32 and 64 Bit virtual video drivers are certified for Windows.
  • Automatic network parameter detection.
  • The iPad’s IP address can, optionally, be configured manually.

How much it will cost? $9.99 only.
[MaxiVista via AppAdvice]

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