4D Dynamics’ PicoScan 3D Scanner


Here is a crazy mashup gadget that combined one pico projector, one Canon 1000D DSLR, one Joby Tripod and a 3D scanning software into one piece of 3D scanner called PicoScan.

The mashup is done by 4D Dynamics, where they are thinking that 3D scanner can be created with existing gadget without the need of a dedicated 3D scanning machine.

The PicoScan can be adjusted flexibly according to the angle you want and the snapshots of objects can be turned into a 3D models easily using the 3D Scanning software that based on Mephisto scan engine.

Currently, 4D Dynamics sells this PicoScan 3D Scanner at Amazon for $1,999. It might cost more if you want to buy them separately so just think it as a bundle deal or something similar. :)

[via PicoProjector Info]

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