Easter Egg In July? Play Snake While Watching Video Clip on Youtube!

This might sounds fun but it’s pretty distracting if you are really want to watch the movie in Youtube. There is an Easter egg found on Youtube where you can send snake into the movie clip chomping for eggs while watching out for the edges and from eating yourself. Just by press a left arrow key on your keyboard while watching video clip on youtube will activate this little mini game.


Remember last time Google put Pac-Man on their front page letting people rejuvenated with their oldie memories. This Snake might have the same effect as well. However, this snake game is no child play. Once activated, the snake run at an intermediate level of speed so you’ve better watch out for the edge.

Here, go to Youtube and have some fun!

P.S. Not all video clips has this function. So you’d better hit the link above to test the snake out or do your own hunt for the ‘easter egg’ :)

[Kotaku via TechConnect]

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