iDJ Music Mixing Station for iPad

We have seen the iPod version in the yesteryears, and after iPad launched, Numark has prepared an interesting DJ station for this new toy from Apple. Introduced as iDJ Music Mixing Station, this DJ tools is preferably a modern tools for DJ to add their creativity.


iDJ Music Mixing Station for iPad, powerpacked DJ performance device with a dual-deck layout. Bringing down the neighborhood with your houseband mixing finesse or polishing your skills in piano drums and guitar, this is the device that helps you with both. The designers promise great feats with garage band and other apps, so are you willing to make some music?

No details could be found on PsychicFactory (the creator) at this moment. But you can see there is a couple of USB port, a dock station for iPad that might double as the recharger, as well as a dedicated apps from Numark that will turn iPad into a DJ device according to what mode the DJ has set. Interesting

[via YankoDesign]

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