Solar Cool Tricycle Concept by Aija Golubeva


When Summer days strikes, most people will tend to go out side of the house to find some breezes. This Solar Cool Tricycle is designed for those who choose to ride a bike circling the neighbourhood, while it can provide a nice juicy cool drinks on its cooling container powered by the solar panel roof!

“The hotter the day, the cooler the ice cream.” Solar panels imbedded in a membrane, connected to solar charge regulators, using wires situated within the panels, generate around 35W on a sunny day. Keepin them cones cool with the power of the sun. Super poetic and scrumptious.

This “Solar Cool” cart features a removable cooling unit so that it can be charged from a separate supply during the night. The cooler requires about 64W “every few hours” to keep the temperature standard. The tank for storage of cold goods is approximately 40 liters.


Interesting. Imagine you can ride on one of this tricycle. You can obviously enjoy the summer day while sipping on cool beverage wherever you go.

The tricycle is made of steel frame, the seat is reversible which mean you can get your cool drinks without leaving the tricycle. Anyway, you can be an ice cream seller leisurely if Aija Golubeva successfully turn this concept into a real stuff! :)

[via YankoDesign]

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