The X Tape:[Hinge] – Duck Tape With Hinge Pattern Design

A Cool gropu of designer over at mmiinn (Jeong-Min Lee and Hyoung-Min Park) from Korea has come up with an interesting product design (a stationary) called as the ‘X Tape:[Hinge]‘.


X Tape is by no mean a Tape containing porn. It’s a Duck tape, but coming with an unique design that once you applied to a box or somewhere, you will see a bunch of Hinges sealing up the mouth of the box or the floor (like the picture above and below).


Pretty cool!

Seal it Tight

X tape series with the printed image of “joining” on box sealing tape, make optical illusion and visualize the original function of tape. X-tape:[hinge], one of X-tape series is a witty metaphor of strong adhesion of box sealing tape, creating visual images of combining the wrapped items tight with hinges.

[X-tape:[Hinge] via LikeCool and Yatzer]

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